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Friends, if you want to earn money in Rummy Ares, then you can earn money sitting at home, friends, first of all, I will tell you guys in this article how you can make money from Rummy Ares, you stay in this article. Because I am going to give you the very best tricks and information? You guys will like it.

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  1. Step – Rummy Ares Signup Bonus ₹51
  2. Step – Minimum withdrawal of ₹ 100 has been kept in Rummy Ares, which you can easily send to your account.
  3. Step – Support of UPI ID has been given in the bank account.

How to About Rummy Ares?

Rummy Ares game involves risk, it can be addictive please play at your own risk. Or the game will only be played by people who are 18+ years old.

App NameRummy Ares
Min. Withdraw₹100
Add Money₹11
Official WebsiteClick Here

How to Download Rummy Ares App?

If friends want to download the Rummy Ares App, then you have to click on the given download button, if you want to earn money, then you will have to follow the steps I will tell you, only then you can download it.

click here button

Click Here to Button

  1. Step – Click on the given download button.
  2. Step – If you have clicked on the button then the download option will come, click on download.
  3. Step – If it is downloaded then you install it on your phone.
  4. Step – If you have installed it on your phone, what to do after that you will get to do in the next state.

How to Register Rummy Ares APK?

If friends want to register in Rummy Ares, then you can register very easily, there is no fee to register, rather you get to sign up Banaras from the side of the game, which is around ₹ 51, which you can play in the game. You can use and send winnings to your account.

  1. Step – First of all you have to give your mobile number.
  2. Step – If you have given your mobile number, then an OTP will be sent on it, enter that OTP.
  3. Step – If you have given OTP, then after that you have to keep a password, it is very easy to keep the password.
  4. Step – Keep like password and click on register then you get to sign up for Banaras ₹ 51.
  5. Step – With that ₹ 51, you can play the game and send it to your account, now if you get more money.

Which games are supported in Rummy Ares?

Friends, a total of 22 games have been supported in Rummy Ares APK, whose name I have written in the table, which you guys can read from there and understand which game is given in it.

rummy ares game support
rummy is game support

How to Share Program?

Friends, if you want to earn money by sharing the Rummy Ares application, then you can do that too, it is very easy to do sir, if you share with your relatives or your friends, if you download and add thousand rupees, then you

rummy ares share bonus
rummy areas share bonus
  1. Step – ₹ 1000 If your friend adds money then you will get ₹ 80.
  2. Step- If someone downloads and adds ₹ 1000, then you easily get a bonus of ₹ 90.
  3. Step – If your friend downloads ₹ 1000 and adds money then you get ₹ 100.
  4. Step – If anyone adds ₹ 1000 like this, then you will get one hundred rupees like this till someone recharges up to a thousand rupees.

How to Add Money Rummy Ares?

Friends, if you want to add money to the Rummy Ares application, then you can do it, no problem is going to happen, if there is any problem then you can take customer support, you will have to follow all the steps given to make Add money. Only then can you add money.

  1. Step – Click on the Pay button given in the Rummy Ares.
  2. Step – If you have clicked on the pay button, then you will get the option to choose some money here.
  3. Step – If you have selected money then you have to click on Add cash.
  4. Step – After that, the option of UPI will come, whatever you will be late with UPI, you will have to pay the money.
  5. Step – Whatever you have, such as Phone Pay, Google Pay, and Paytm, there are many Rummy Ares that you can do if you want to add money.


VIP membership benefits are now available, and Rummy Ares has launched the first deposit bonus event every Monday. Hurry to share with your friends, become a VIP, and earn more rewards. Every Monday, players who deposit more than 1001 rupees for the first time can receive a cash bonus of up to 30,000 rupees! (The bonus will be credited to the member’s account automatically.)


Activity guidelines:

  1. Eligible members are not required to apply. Before 9:00 a.m. Indian time, the IME will be automatically sent to the member’s account. The IME will be resolved in accordance with Indian time.
  2. All members (same name, same IP, mobile phone number). If the same name and IP appear, they are regarded as the same person, and the company reserves the right to refuse to issue bonuses.
  3. If it is discovered that a member used dishonest means to collect preferential prizes, our company reserves the right to cancel the member’s preferential prizes and the corresponding profits, or even to freeze the member’s account. Participating in our offer implies that the member agrees to the terms and conditions stated above.

Promotion Commission in Rummy Ares

The Best Money-Making App on in the Country is now Available. All You Need is a Smartphone to Earn Money While Sleeping.

Downloading our app, creating an account, linking your mobile phone and bank account, and contacting our online customer service representative to open an agent player account is the first step toward earning money.

The second step to making money is to click to share, which will automatically generate a share link, and then send it to your circle of friends via Facebook or WhatsApp. Refer your friends, produce a video, and upload it to YouTube. The more you share, the more you earn in commission.

The third step to making money is to wait for the commission to be deposited into your account, check your mobile phone daily to receive the commission, make money easily, and live a better life.

What are you looking forward to? Quickly open the agent account to receive the exclusive sharing link; the commission will be sent to you immediately; please consult with our customer service representative for the commission ratio.

★Weekly VIP Exclusive★

Dear Member, Today is Member Privilege Day, which is hosted by our company. The greater the amount of your first deposit of the day, the greater the reward. Our company has a Membership Privilege Day every Monday. You are welcome to attend additional events. Please contact customer service if you have any questions.

(Download Link: Click Here )★

(Telegram Channel: Join Now )★

★Bank’s Recovery Notice★

The Bank of India has notified our business that the recharge and withdrawal channels have returned to normal. You can submit your earnings at any time, and we’ll process your withdrawal request as soon as possible. We sincerely hope that Rummy Ares is profitable for you and take advantage of enormous profits; if you have any questions, please contact our customer service staff in a timely manner, we appreciate your cooperation; thank you.

(Download Link: Click Here)★

(Telegram Channel: Join Now)★

How to Customer Care Support?

If friends want to take customer support, then you have read the given estate carefully, then only you people will understand and can get your problem solved whatever it is.

  1. Step – Click on Support given in the Rummy Ares.
  2. Step – If you have clicked on support then you will get three options here Telegram WhatsApp
  3. Step – By which your problem can be solved, you can talk from high up.
  4. Step – To talk to these people, first, you have to click on it, be it Telegram or WhatsApp.

Note:- Friends, if you liked this article, then share it with your friends so that those people can also earn money from this vacation sitting at home.

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